Female Engineer.  Writer.  World Traveler.  Avid Listener.  Lover of popcorn, Mangos, and Musicals.

Adopted from China and raised in New Jersey (USA) by one spunky mother, Tayzau reached her 7th continent before she reached her second decade.

She aims to inspire people to practice gratitude, be intentional, and live a life of contentment.

Enjoy reading her adventures as an aspiring socially conscious traveler.

Check out her piece, Why I Travel With my Mother, on Intrepid Travel’s Blog, the Journal!

Tayzau’s Travel Mindset

Travel with who / how / when / why you want.

Be safe.

Make it personal (or not).

Embrace the adventure.

Strive to be respectful and open minded.

Save pictures that savor the moments you hope to remember.

Incorporate lessons you learned to better yourself, your community, and your world.

– tayzau