Sitting in Class

Sitting in Class

We’re going over the usual topics in Entrepreneurship:

  • Respected CEOs
  • The importance of an agile mindset
  • The origin and circumstances of great ideas
  • Why you should go big or go home
  • Progress
  • Blablabla

And I’m having a lot of trouble breathing… As in the irregular breathing, the erratic thinking, and the incessant fidgeting.

Why am I feeling this way? 

Well, part of it has to do with the topics being discussed in class.

But then the other part has a less concrete explanation.

After all, no one is forcing me to engage in some lovely discourse.  No one is pressing me for my thoughts.  No one is expecting anything from me.

Taylor, all you have to do is listen and keep quiet.

If you look at the classroom of students, we all look the same – silently pretending to pay attention– It’s quite frustrating having to sit and struggle and squirm.

Am I different? Am I unique?  Is this what special people feel?

An overwhelming amount of anxiety for no good reason?