Summer 2016

In every sense of the word, cheers to the most romantic summer yet.

A few dates.

A rainbow dog.

A ramen burger.

A 9 to 5 work life.

A chocolate martini.

A bit of networking.

A couple of cemeteries.

A reminder of Pura Vida.

A modern water fountain.

A moment of silence. Or two.

A buffet at the baseball game.

A chill concert in central Park.

A lovely manager and mentor.

A journey through life-sized art.

A bountiful amount of dim sum.

A night that felt like Gossip Girl.

A lunch at Park Avenue summer.

A portrait not drawn on request.

A soulful interpretation of Adele.

A mile-long walk into the sunset.

A lot of time spent in Times Square.

A deeper appreciation for my family.

A nautical experience on the Hudson.

A feast of radishes and friend chicken.

A romantic walk across the East River.

A heavily revised and simplified new list.

A night in the heights of Pleasant Valley.

A compliment of my “earnest” intentions.

A house of knowledge, my favorite place.

A musical surprise and a magical evening.

A step away from seeing the entire world.

A platter of sushi, bubbles, and cap guns.

A day with the bears, penguins, and more.

A quick stop at my soon-to-be alma mater.

A first kiss that felt like the perfect first kiss.

A protest, and then some, outside my door.

A look up inside every theatre – breathtaking.

A movie by the subway and watermelon salad.

A support system of a few fiercely loyal people.

A 21st birthday with character – thank you Jenn.

A first date with a girl from Kansas 21 years later.

A bunch of coffee chats – mostly without coffee.

A romantic end to the summer with Lady Liberty.

A humorous take on our favorite topic via texting.

A mesmerizing performance underneath the stars.

A “pleasant evening of theater” with a new friend.

A bit of stretching, making room for more growth.

A stranger –> acquaintance –> new friend. Repeat.

A video conference call about the promising future.

A lot of thinking, both productive and unproductive.

A conversation that was 100% about me – unusual.

A crunchy, chewy, and delectable tentacle of octopus.

A line that led to new friends from Albany and Atlanta.

A refreshing reunion over ramen, chicken, and waffles.

A continuation of writing – about both the good and bad.

A modern interpretation and an uneasy encounter at Delacorte.

A fresh perspective on abstract art: “It’s not abstract at all, you just have to look at it.”

A lesson learned on professionals and professionalism – they can be mutually exclusive.

And now… ready for the next adventure.

Talking with Brandon Stanton for his blog, Humans of New York in the park.

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